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New Regulatory Developments

New regulatory trends are also our challenge. We’ll keep you up to date.

  • MiFID II,
  • Basel III,
  • Solvency II,
  • UCITS,
  • AIFM
  • EMIR,
  • The system of delegated acts and the role of ESMA, EBA and EIOPA;
  • Supervision by the ECB,
  • Remaining national supervisory powers,
  • Regulation of the shadow banking sector by tightening the regulation of banks (credit reporting, introduction of independent financial institutions, etc.), money market funds, shadow banking institutions (credit funds, ETFs, financial companies, securitization companies, etc.), securitization and repo markets,
  • Action plan for the creation of a capital markets union of the EU Commission of 30 September 2015. The European Commission intends to improve the access for small investors to the capital markets (Green paper on retail financial services) and examines the support of crowdfunding and business angels,
  • Next steps towards a fully-fledged banking union alongside the supervision of the ECB. In November 2015, the European Commission proposed a European Deposit Guarantee Scheme in the banking union.
  • Consumer protection at national and European level.
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